Dawn Isabel

A recognized expert on mobile application security, Dawn works as a Mobile Security Research Engineer at NowSecure.

She enjoys automating the boring stuff and documenting everything else. Dawn has presented at Bugcrowd’s LevelUp, WiCyS, Converge Detroit, and OWASP AppSec.

Frida is a powerful and extensible instrumentation toolkit – among its many strengths, it is very well suited to testing and evaluating iOS apps. Frida allows you to intercept data received and sent by apps and inject your own code into the process.

Presentation Abstract: Black-box analysis of mobile applications can be slow and painful. This talk will explore simple ways to leverage Frida to build lightweight analysis tools that can be easily customized. Practical examples will be presented for various use cases, including tracing library functions, examining application memory and runtime state, and circumventing common security controls.