About Our Discussion Facilitator:

James McQuaid is currently employed as a Senior Information Security Analyst for Michigan State University Federal Credit Union. Although not a subject matter expert, as an American Red Cross employee in the past, he attended meetings related to pandemic contingency planning.

About Our Discussion:

On Thursday 20 February, Lansing ISSA Board President James McQuaid led a group discussion of Coronavirus Contingency Planning for information technology and business.

In many enterprise settings, Information Security is responsible for business continuity planning, and ensuring the availability of data. 

To this end, we reviewed the SANS Internet Storm Center‘s post “Network Security Perspective on Coronavirus Preparedness” (January 2020).

In addition, referencing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publication “Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to 2019 Novel Coronavirus” (February 2020), we discussed the recommended strategies for employers to use now, planning for an outbreak, and considerations for creating a response plan.


Slide deck (PowerPoint)